Our Best Product Research Tools

We offer a unique approach to product data analysis via our effective research tools. We are capable of covering every aspect of the trade ranging from predicting your product’s performance to calculating the performance of your competition.

Social Listening

Social listening tool provides simple and straightforward reports about the progress of your product across several online platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms.

Product Sentiment Analysis

The best way to monitor any changes in the customer’s opinion towards your brand and product. Through our reports, you can adapt to new changes and make the right changes in your product or services.

Competition Tracking

An opportunity to understand the market and its forecasting in-depth. Gain pointers to tweak up your marketing strategy, develop your USP and improve on other necessary areas.

Price Breach Alerts

Few sellers try to undercut others by selling lower than the market operating price. Following this practice can cause certain gaps in the demand and supply chain of the brand which can create an imbalance.

Listing Optimization

Our report contains certain actionable pointers that must be followed at all times. These key actionable points are related to the product title, pointers about the product, number of images, etc.

Chrome Extension

A chrome extension can be proven to be most useful while researching. You can explore new opportunities, check projections of sales and reviews, etc with our complex and calculative algorithm.

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Identifying Listing Gaps

Identifying Listing Gaps

Generate gap reports focusing on certain pointers for a product like product title, number of bullet points, description, images, and more.
Rectifying these gaps can increase your brand authentication and a customer might lean on making a purchase of that product.
Gap analysis can show the difference in the potential of your product and its current position in the market.
Social Listening

Social Listening

Monitor your brand over several social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) based on markers like followers, likes, page visits, aggregate overview etc.
Generate individual reports for individual social platform, which would help you make any changes in your marketing approach
Based on the report, you can discover new opportunities to expand by reviewing bad feedback from your competitor’s customers.

Pricing Recommendation Across Channels

Most brands ignore the significance of pricing. But, there is a lot more involved if you see it from a customer’s point of view.
Depending on the eCommerce platform you are choosing we can recommend a number that can not only turn out best for your brand but also for your targeted customer.
A recommended pricing with proper product listing markers can gain a lot of attention to your product.
Accelerate keyword Rankings

Accelerate keyword Rankings

The Google engine works on certain keywords and every product must have the recommended keywords in the description or in the title.
Our reports contain these recommended keywords that can boost your product rankings online.
A recommended pricing with proper product listing markers can gain a lot of attention to your product.

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